Boiler and heating modernisation well under way in retirement housing complex

“I would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You for all the hard work you and all Invicta project team on site at Helen Court have put in so far.

From the site inspection and what I saw yesterday, it appears that if not ahead of the Plan of Works, the project works are on target to be completed on time, it’s good to know that the project management team are taking a very professional approach to running the project and the day to day basis.

On my way out yesterday, a resident approached me (lives on second floor of the building), after talking for a while to explain what my roll is, the resident stated he was very happy with the way the project is being managed, the resident was especially happy with Leah and both yourselves.

It’s good to know we have the right team on site. Once again, many thanks for all the hard work so far.”

Amir Javaid
Senior Commercial Consultant
Phoenix Compliancy Management