Partnering ‘Our Ethos’

The Partnership Approach

The partnership approach from Invicta Building Services brings benefits to all the parties involved. It provides the client with an innovative quality solution and gives Invicta the advantage of establishing long term, often repeat, business.

‘Integrating Invicta’ was launched in early 2004 and still has five strands.

1. Identification

Invicta Building Services seeks out like-minded organisations who enjoy working in partnership and recognise the rewards of close co-operation with both supply chain and customers. The process includes setting values and objectives to ensure compatibility and common ground; integration in this way has proven to be a catalyst to business growth and significantly increase revenue opportunities.

2. Investment

Relationships don’t grow unless they are fed. The team at Invicta Building Services believes in giving – and receiving – constructive, non-confrontational feedback. Shared goals, achieved through robust key performance indicators, mean that projects can be completed on time and on budget in an environment of trust and co-operation.

3. Innovation

It’s a fact that competitive tendering doesn’t always achieve the best outcome. Invicta Building Services has introduced lean construction techniques, value engineering and risk management that all work together to assure clients of quality and price. This approach has avoided the need for clients to go to tender in many situations, and has been responsible for more than 70% of new work, which has been brought in by negotiation with existing satisfied clients.

4. Improvement

No one can afford to stand still. Invicta Building Services’ culture of continuous measured improvement, identification and adoption of best practice, as well as implementation of exemplar standards, has delighted clients. Accreditation with ISO 9001:2015 serves as a further guarantee of sound process management.

5. Impact

Throughout the set up and implementation of ‘Integrating Invicta’ the focus was on actions that would have impact on both the client and the end user. The standards and benchmarks that have been introduced assure both parties of exceptional quality at all stages of the project. The management team at Invicta Building Services recognises that the company’s future success depends on past performance and is determined to continue developing Invicta Building Services’ excellent reputation.